East and West All-Senior baseball teams

With the season lost due to cancellations over the coronavirus pandemic, we selected 50 seniors each from the eastern and western halves of the state for this year's HighSchoolOT All-Senior East and West softball teams.


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Northside-Jax teammates commit to in-state HBCUs on the same day

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Extra Effort
  • Cape Fear cheerleader puts Extra Effort into program that feeds hungry
  • Hail to the Chief! Middle Creek lacrosse standout, student body president earns Extra Effort Award
  • Follow Lucy Leen's lead; Leesville Road basketball standout, newspaper editor earns Extra Effort Award
  • Cape Fear Extra Effort winner takes family's passion for wrestling to state title again
  • Hard work, karate mindset lead to swimming success for Extra Effort Award winner
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  • Friendly sibling rivalry helps fuel Extra Effort winner toward state wrestling record
  • Extra Effort Award winner and four-sport star Aaron Ross exemplifies team-first attitude for Northwood
  • Extra Effort: Cailin DeLeo, Athens Drive (Jan. 9, 2022)
  • 小伙当“蜘蛛侠”徒手爬3楼求复合,拘10天 注目无锡 东林书院 ...:2021-10-12 · 民警对李某进行了批评教育,李某也答应不再骚扰胡女士。 没想到,胡女士刚回到家中,李某又故技重施,爬墙入室,再次纠缠胡女士,还与胡女士室友产生矛盾。民警再次接到报警后赶到现场,将李某再次带回派出所审查。
    Faith Christian's quiet leader earns Tom Suiter Extra Effort award
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